How did “Russia” allegedly so easily succeed in interfering with our election process cause such dissension and break down public confidence in our government? Some social media troll investment? Releasing embarrassing Democratic National Committee emails? Supplying a false dossier to Mr. Donald Trump-hating Democrats? I believe there clearly was active cooperation by the then-President Obama Department of Justice and FBI leaders. Is today’s Democratic hysteria just Russia fomenting national discord beyond all expectations?

Since early 2016 the left, including the media, virtually all Democratic Party administration and congressional leadership, created and are still fueling a “manufactured crisis” that never had any basis in fact or law. After exhaustive investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s highly partisan legal team, with unlimited funding and no interference, the report concluded President Donald Trump and Trump’s organization had never colluded with Russian government agents. Today those “Russian” goals of confusion, division, distrust, fear and hatred are advanced vigorously by Democratic Party leaders; no help from Russia required.

Mueller’s findings are ignored by Democrats. In an act of contempt for law, the House Judiciary Committee voted on May 8 Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not illegally turning over the unredacted Mueller report for public scrutiny, while refusing to read it themselves, unredacted, in a secure facility. Barr published the full report, with only legally required redactions made together with the Mueller team, for anyone to read three weeks ago. So successful is this three-year disinformation campaign of fear, contempt, hatred of Trump that some polling shows nearly 60 percent of Democrat voters believe Trump is guilty of treason, without a shred of evidence.

Actually, Obama’s FBI and DOJ provided false fact certifications to a FISA court, allegedly to spy on onetime junior foreign policy aide to the Donald Trump Campaign Carter Page. I believe it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign and/or DNC itself and/or FBI who paid foreigners to interfere with the election.

For years Obama and Clinton policies empowered Russia and weakened American interests. Despite FBI findings of Russian criminal activity, the 2013 Uranium One deal was made to transfer control of 20 percent of U.S. uranium interests, and enabled Russian contracts, worth billions, to today supply approximately 40 percent of U.S. nuclear plant fuel.

Obama and Clinton backed Arab Spring radical Islamists resulting in Middle Eastern chaos, hundreds of thousands killed, millions of refugees and Russian military in Syria. Obama administration acquiesced to Russian annexation of Crimea refusing defensive aid to the Ukraine. Control of Syria’s chemical weapons was ceded to Russia. Clinton and Obama worked to curtail U.S. energy production, a boon to Russia largely dependent on oil/gas exports for national revenue. Ask yourself why Russia would work to end this favorable treatment by electing Trump who strongly promised to end it all and assert U.S. leadership again in the world?

Bert Nye


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