Who would want to be president today, when our country is in the midst of the coronavirus—one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever experienced? Thousands of people are sick or dying, losing their jobs, unable to afford food to keep their families alive, the economy sinking further into debt. We’re ordered to stay home or if going out for groceries, risk catching the virus at the grocery store. Those living alone become lonesome and depressed.

Mobs of protestors in the street, demanding the closed places of business be allowed to reopen, while other mobs are protesting to keep these places closed. Governors are complaining to the president that their state lacks medical supplies or food supplies, etc.

It has to be a great disappointment for President Donald Trump who promised us when running for office a great economy, good jobs, etc. (which happened for the past three years) but now we have the worst recession since the Great Depression. How can Mr. Trump fix it or respond to all questions daily thrown at him? Possibly he would rather step down from being president than have to deal with all of this.

With another election coming in November, any one running for office is taking the chance of being accused of sexual assault 30 years ago. It seems to me, anyone running for office has to be pretty brave to face so many challenges.

Eleanor Wabnitz


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