Christy Greene is on a mission. The 2005 Madison County High School graduate has just released her second book “Bye Bully Bye,” a children’s’ book with a message of kindness and a strong anti-bullying sentiment. Greene is hosting an anti-bullying event at the Burnt Tree Grange Saturday, Aug. 3 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Both Greene and her sister Amy grew up in Madison County. As a child, Christy had developmental delays and a speech impediment that placed her in special education classes. Because of that she was teased and targeted by bullies.

“My sister was bullied a lot when we were in school,” said Amy Greene. “She was picked on for having a speech impediment and being in special education classes. Often she would come home from school crying. She would hide in the bathroom at school and wait until the halls were clear to avoid being taunted.”

The bullying made Christy even more determined to succeed. Before starting school, Christy’s development was so far behind doctors weren’t sure she would ever speak.

“Our stepmom wouldn’t just accept that,” said Amy. “She was determined that Christy would be ok and Christy came to believe that, too.”

With the help of special education classes, Christy not only graduated high school, she continued her education and eventually went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from Virginia State University and a Masters in Social Work from Morgan State University in Maryland.

Since graduating, Christy has been working as a youth counselor in Baltimore, MD. Greene uses her energy and optimism to make the world a kinder place and regularly lectures about the effects of bullying. She is using the release of her second book as a platform for her anti-bullying message.

“I thought why not go back to my hometown,” said Christy. “I had my first event in Baltimore, but it was just too far for a lot of my family. I want everyone to be aware of the consequences of bullying and to realize that it can be stopped. Get to the root cause and speak up; don’t let the bully get control of you.”

The event is free and open to all and will feature readings from “Bye Bully Bye,” musical performances from Main Mix, Vintage, InkGame, Mike Jackson Jr. and Beth Taylor, an open mic segment where attendees can sing, read a poem or dance for one minute and food prepared by Chef Verde and Cakes by Chris.

Co-organizer Martine King said the Baltimore event was very motivational.

“I helped Christy plan and sung a song,”said King. “I was really surprised hearing the statistics about bullying and all the terrible parts of this problem. I think it made me more aware. Christy is so inspiring and I think everyone came away from the first event feeling like we can make a difference.”

For more information about the event, contact Amy Greene at (540) 395-5077 or Martine King at

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