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“Fire Glass” will be released next week.

Local author, Missy De Graff is hopeful the second of her published works will attain the success of “The Rogue’s Fate,” her fantasy novel that was a top seller on Amazon soon after it’s 2017 release.

De Graff, hadn’t given much thought to becoming an author before a friend and co-worker encouraged her to start writing in 2009. De Graff enjoyed writing while in school, but never really considered writing a book until then as writing fantasy is a far cry from her professional life as a program manager for government contracts at Serco.

Writing The Rogue’s Fate changed De Graff’s life in many ways.

“Being an author has changed my life,” said De Graff. “I’ve made many new connections, met so many interesting people and have learned so much about various ways of life. I’ve opened my imagination even more and that’s given me new ideas to write. I’m still working my day job but one day, the ultimate dream is to become a full-time author.”

“The Rogue’s Fate” is the first part of a trilogy, “The Raven Chronicles,” and De Graff has just finished writing the second of the series and is working with the editor to complete the project to get it published by early 2020. In addition to “The Raven Chronicles,” DeGraff has been spreading her wings and has two novellas being released this fall. The first, “Fire Glass,” is the first in a fantasy series being released Sept. 17 and is part of a limited edition science fiction and fantasy boxed set made up of 24 stories from different authors. Authors had to apply for a spot in the book and 24 were selected for the set by the publisher.

As well as “Fire Glass,” the Oak Park resident teamed up with Heather D. Glidewell to create “The Crimson Legacies” as a part of another limited edition set of paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories scheduled for release on Oct.15.

De Graff described the results of the collaboration as dark.

“This one is dark and gritty, think Underworld meets Van Helsing,” said De Graff.

Both “Fire Glass” and “The Crimson Legacies” will initially be available only in digital format although they will be available from a variety of distributors including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. De Graff said that after a set time, the sets will be deconstructed and she will be able to re-release them in another form. The second book of “The Raven Chronicles” will be available both in print and digital form.

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