Last week, seniors and staff members were honored at the first annual Senior of the Month Banquet.

Each month of the school year, a senior student was honored by the board of supervisors as the senior of the month. Last week, those seniors were then given the opportunity to honor a staff member of their choice who made an impact on their life. The student and their family members attended the banquet with the staff member, enjoying dinner before the students spoke about their honorees. Students and staff members both received a plaque. Students also received a gift card from the Madison County Education Foundation.

September Senior of the Month Jerica Cropp honored former science teacher Lori Mack. She said Mack is “undoubtedly one of the funniest people I’ve met in my life.” Cropp said Mack helped her immensely at a time when she was facing obstacles in her personal life.

“She’s essentially a second mother to me,” Cropp said.

October Senior of the Month Michael Broyles honored science teacher Brandy Nesbitt. He said she made every assignment something everyone could take part in and gave him a love of science.

“I couldn’t be more grateful,” he said.

November Senior of the Month Amanda Canavan also honored a science teacher, choosing Julie Heffron. Canavan said Heffron taught her to never give up.

“Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Canavan said.

January Senior of the Month Noah McGhee honored math teacher and Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School Online Learning Facilitator Beth Wilson. He said her room was always somewhere he could learn in his own way.

“She was always so supportive of our projects,” he said. “She’s the kind of teacher that makes me sad to leave high school.”

February Senior of the Month Alyssa Shifflette honored Shannon Johnston. Johnston is a career and technical education teacher and is also the senior class sponsor. Shifflette said Johnston is one of the most caring and awesome teachers she ever had.

“She’s a huge role model,” Shifflette said.

March Senior of the Month Kyle Smith honored history teacher Anne Weakley. He said she’s devoted to her students and is honest, something he values in people.

“She’s consistently a good teacher, a good person and a great friend,” he said.

April Senior of the Month Ben Butterworth honored sixth-grade history teacher Jared Morris. He said Morris showed what it’s like to be a great teacher.

“From him, I learned energy,” Butterworth said. “It’s something I value as one of the most important aspects of teachers. Without him, I don’t think I would have found a passion [for] history and teaching.”

May Senior of the Month Olivia Young honored coach Bruce Parker. He was her coach for seven or eight years, Young said.

“He taught me to push myself,” she said. “He taught me to visualize a goal and go after it.”

December Senior of the Month Samuel Woodward was unable to attend the banquet.

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