This November, Criglersville voters will vote in a new location—about 150 feet from the current one.

Last week, county supervisors approved the relocation of the Criglersville polling place from the cottage at the Criglersville Elementary School across the parking lot to the former school house building. That building is leased by the Madison County Historical Society and is being renovated into a museum. The county is currently working to develop a five year lease for the property so the historical society can finish its renovations and open the museum.

Madison County Electoral Board Vice Chair Susanna Spencer said the conditions at the cottage are substandard. The building is in poor condition with no plumbing. There is currently no working bathroom facility at the former school house building either, but the historical society plans to remedy that issue and install an incinerator toilet.

Changing the polling place so late in the year required supervisors to expedite the process. In order to make the timeline work, a public hearing was held during last week’s joint board and planning commission meeting. No one spoke.

Madison County Electoral Board Secretary Bonita Burr thanked the board for its quick action on this issue.

“We appreciate the effort to expedite this,” she said. “We’ve been promising the poll workers we would find something more suitable for some time.”

Supervisor Clay Jackson said the lease being created between the historical society and the county will be more firm based on the improvements the society is making to the building and it will leave the historical society museum and polling place in Criglersville for years to come.

Meanwhile, the county is accepting bids for the demolition of the Criglersville Elementary School. The brick building has been for sale four times in the past, including most recently for a six-month period beginning late last fall. In this most recent sale attempt, no offers were received other than a $0 offer from a local citizen wishing to turn the building into a center with studios for local businesses and organizations, dining, events gym and river park.

The request for bids for demolition closes Oct. 9 at 2 p.m.

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