DuCard charging station

Ducard Vineyards in Etlan recently added a charging station at its vineyard, enrolling in Tesla’s Destination Charging program.

DuCard Vineyards is continuing its quest to be environmentally friendly, adding a Tesla charging station and enrolling in the Carbonfree program.

The winery, which is located in Etlan, has been named Virginia’s Greenest Winery for its sustainability and environmentally conscious principles and practices in the vineyard, winery and tasting room. It was the first in Virginia with solar polar and practices sustainable wine growing, utilizing lightweight bottles for a lower carbon footprint, reclaimed lumber in the construction of its facilities and partners with local producers for foods in the tasting room. And now, visitors can even recharge their Tesla vehicle thanks to the installation of a Tesla refueling station.

DuCard joins a rapidly growing network of properties offering Tesla charging in Tesla’s Destination Charging program. Tesla partners with hotels, resorts, restaurants and more to offer on-site high power wall connectors allowing customers to charge their Tesla Model S while visiting the property. The connector provides more than 50 miles of range per hour of recharging and fully charged vehicles have a total range of 270 miles.

In addition, DuCard has also joined the Carbonfree program. Having used carbon offsets all along, the vineyard recently changed to the Carbonfree program based on the quality of the programs it manages. The Carbonfree Business Partnership program supports Carbonfund.org’s clean energy and carbon emissions reductions projects.

“Given our strong environmental stewardship, partnering with Carbonfund.org was a natural for us,” DuCard Vineyards President and Founder Scott Elliff said. “We are happy to offset our carbon footprint and they made it easy. And we are comfortable knowing that Carbonfund.org is pursuing desirable projects to help in a wide range of industries and situations.”

Eliff said the addition of the Tesla charging station and the Carbonfree program continues the vineyard’s mission to be environmentally friendly.

“The quality of our DuCard wines depends heavily on the quality of the grapes we grow here, so we are focused on nature every minute of every day out in our stunning location bordering the Shenandoah National Park,” he said. “I have always felt it critically important to respect nature in all aspects of our operations and take it as a personal responsibility to be a good steward of the land. Electric car charging and carbon offsets are just two of a myriad of things we do here at DuCard including solar power, reclaimed wood construction, energy efficiency, lightweight bottles, support for local agriculture in the foods we offer in our tasting room and much more. We are proud to have been named the Greenest Winery in Virginia by the Virginia Green Program and endeavor to continue to lead in this important arena.”

For more information about DuCard Vineyards, including its sustainability practices, visit www.ducardvineyards.com.

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