Last week, the Central Virginia Regional Jail (CVRJ) Authority adopted a $15.9 million fiscal year 2020 budget.

The budget represents a 2.54 percent increase over the current year. However, there is no increase to the localities the jail serves. The budget requests approximately $8.4 million collectively from Orange, Madison, Green, Louisa and Fluvanna. This is the same amount as the current year budget and approximately $599,000 less than the fiscal year 2018 budget.

Each locality’s individual share of the collective contribution is based on its average inmate population over a three-year period. This doesn’t equal individual prisoners, but rather inmate days. Louisa carries 31.12 percent of the total local contribution or approximately $2.8 million; followed by Orange with 26.8 percent and approximately $2.3 million; Greene with 16.63 percent and approximately $1.3 million; Fluvanna with 14.84 percent and approximately $1.2 million and Madison with 10.61 percent and approximately $840,000.

The budget uses approximately $1.5 million in fund balance--$500,000 of which was originally appropriated for the current year budget for the renovation and plumbing updates of the older portion of the jail. That project has been included in the budget at a cost of $850,000.

Also included in the budget is a replacement generator, $65,000; new medical equipment, $23,500; fleet rotation of two 15 passenger vans, $70,000; replacing a washer, dryer and hot water heater, $40,000; and replacing an HVAC system, $42,000.

In addition to capital improvements, the budget includes a 2 increase to salaries, an estimated health insurance increase of 5.57 percent and standard increases to daily operational costs due to the rising costs of goods and services. There will also be contract renegotiations for maintenance and professional services.

To cover medical costs, $615,000 in including in the budget and allocated to the counties using the same allocation formula that determines each one’s contribution. Counties are responsible for medical costs of their inmates while incarcerated. Approximately $191,000 is set aside for Louisa medical costs; $165,000 Orange; $102,000 Greene; $91,000 Fluvanna and $65,000 Madison. However, many counties will exceed those amounts, leaving them to pay the difference. This year alone, one inmate from Madison has had medical bills exceeding $200,000.

In addition to contributions from localities, on the revenue side, state revenue is budgeted at $5.2 million, a $55,413 increase from the current year. State revenue consists of salaries and fringes for compensation board positions of which there are 124 with 100 fully funded based upon the compensation board approved salary, two unfunded and 21 partially funded; funds received for housing state prisoners, $851,152 and $50,000 in expenditure reimbursements. Meanwhile, federal revenue is budgeted at $600,000, a $200,000 increase due to the holding of federal inmates at $50 per day.

The jail also receives revenue of $145,000 via its work release and electronic incarceration programs. Refunds from inmates, commissary officer/chaplain and miscellaneous sources amount to approximately $86,000.

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