Some plastic is a problem at the Madison County Recycling Center.

Although the facility offers dropoff, single-stream recycling at the Madison County Transfer Station, plastic bags are becoming a problem.

Last week, a trailer load of recyclables was rejected after being hauled from the Madison facility to its recycling center destination. According to county administrator Jack Hobbs, it was rejected and diverted to the landfill due to a contamination problem. He said too many non-recyclable plastic bags were in the load.

“That kind of cancels out the work everyone did to recycle,” he said.

While citizens are encouraged to bag their items in one bag for transportation to the Madison facility, they then must be dumped out for transport. While they don’t need to be separated into categories such as plastic, paper and glass, they should not be left for recycling still contained within the plastic bag.

Hobbs said plastic bags are gumming up the system.

As a reminder, items accepted at the Madison Transfer Station for recycling include newspapers, magazines and catalogs, cardboard and paperboard boxes, colored paper, cardstock, books, office paper, brown paper bags, telephone books, plastic containers, aluminum food and beverage containers, steel/tin cans, glass containers and empty aerosol cans. A complete list of what can and cannot be recycled is available at

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