The Criglersville Elementary School will be open Saturday for those wishing to walk through the building.

Locals will have another opportunity to reminiscence among the halls of the Criglersville Elementary School.

The school will be open for self-guided tours Saturday, Oct. 19, 8 a.m. to noon. This will be the second time the school has been opened to the public. Last year, the building was opened for a one-day sale of surplus property. Items for sale included desks, gym equipment, kitchen fixtures and more.

Although the building is now empty, those desiring a piece of history can find it in the form of a door knob or other artifact. Those desiring a souvenir, artifact or memento from the property can request the item in writing. Requests must include a name, mailing address, phone number and email for the individual making the request as well as a description and location of the desired item. Requests must also include estimates as to how much time will be needed to remove the item and assurance that the requester will be responsible for doing so. Those requesting an item can also include a bid amount or donation to the Madison County Historical Society or other organization, although this is not required. Written requests should be sent to Madison County Board of Supervisors Clerk Jacqueline Frye by mail to P.O. Box 750, Madison, VA 22727 or email to Requests will be presented to and considered by supervisors during their Nov. 12 meeting.

Meanwhile, the building itself may soon be a thing of the past. The county is accepting bids for demolition. More than a dozen people attended a pre-bid meeting at the site earlier this month. County administrator Jack Hobbs said the meeting was not mandatory, so more contractors may be interested, but did not attend. He also noted that of those in attendance, some were demolition contractors while others were asbestos abatement specialists so it’s possible they may join forces rather than bid individually. Bids are due Oct. 16 at 2 p.m.

Demolition was the second option chosen from among those appointed to the Criglersville School Repurposing Committee last year. The committee spent several months analyzing the property to determine its future, deciding first to list it for sale for six months with demolition as the end result should it not be sold.

No offers were received from potential buyers, save a zero dollar offer from one county resident. However, a last minute offer to buy the building wouldn’t be automatically refused.

“Our current posture is that the property was offered up for alternative use and/or purchase proposals for six months with no acceptable proposals received,” Hobbs said. [However], no decisions have been made that would preclude the county from accepting proposals up until the time a demolition contract is awarded by the board of supervisors.”

Awarding the demolition contract is on the agenda for the Oct. 29 board meeting. The county’s fiscal year 2020 capital improvement project budget includes $350,000 for the demolition. Committee estimates placed the project in the $250,000-300,000 range.

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