William Regnery II, a multimillionaire and founder of the white supremacist National Policy Institute think tank, has been dismissed from a lawsuit filed by victims of the 2017 Unite the Right car attack.

The lawsuit was filed by sisters Tadrint and Micah Washington in Charlottesville Circuit Court three days after the deadly white supremacist rally and named organizer Jason Kessler, convicted murderer James Alex Fields Jr., white nationalist organizer Richard Spencer and 30 other groups and individuals before being narrowed to 20.

The sisters are seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.

In an order dated Aug. 16, Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard E. Moore dismissed Regnery from the case.

The ruling follows a motions hearing in June, where an attorney for the Washington sisters argued that, due to Regnery’s involvement as a financier for the “alt-right” and fellow defendant Richard Spencer, he should have been aware that violence was planned at the rally.

Regnery’s attorney countered that the facts in the complaint were insufficient to indicate his client was aware of the potential for violence at the rally and that he was protected by First Amendment rights for his political speech and associations.

There are not currently any hearings scheduled in the case.

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