An Albemarle County man charged in his brother’s death has waived his right to a speedy trial due to health problems.

In Albemarle County Circuit Court on Tuesday, James Tuley Moneymaker III, 56, waived his right to a speedy trial, citing health problems that included passing out. He had been set for a two-day trial beginning Aug. 21.

Moneymaker was arrested in October 2017 after his brother, Clinton Moneymaker, 54, was shot dead.

According to authorities, Moneymaker had driven away from the shooting on Glendower Road before police got there, but he crashed his car within a mile of the scene. He was taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center for serious injuries he suffered in the crash.

Moneymaker is charged with second-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and use of a firearm in the commission of a violent felony.

The case has been moved to the October docket call, at which time a new trial date will be set.

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