A Louisa man has been convicted of assault charges after trying to have an officer shoot him in April.

Michael Rowe, 22, was found guilty of felony assault of a police officer on Wednesday, according to a press release from the Louisa County commonwealth's attorney's office.

On April 6, Rowe went to a cemetery carrying weapons, according to authorities. He called 911 and asked officers to respond.

Rowe told the responding sheriff’s deputy that he was upset with court problems involving family members.

The deputy tried to convince Rowe to drop a knife, but Rowe asked the deputy to shoot him, authorities said. When the deputy refused, Rowe pulled out a gun and charged at the officer.

The deputy shot Rowe, who survived his injuries.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Rusty McGuire said that it’s “sad some people facing mental health problems choose to use police as their weapon of choice.”

“They are so consumed with trauma they don’t think of the psychological impact thrust on officers and their families,” he said in the release. “I have seen the emotional scars on officers and it is simply too much. We hope those facing mental health issues or their family members will reach out for professional help instead of grabbing a weapon and calling law enforcement.”

Rowe later apologized for the incident. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 21 and faces up to five years in prison.

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