Disturbing details from a case involving the alleged attempted rape of a Charlottesville woman were presented Thursday during a preliminary hearing in the city’s General District Court.

Mario Jarman Hodges — who has no official address listed in court records — was arrested in August 2018 and charged with abduction with the intent to defile, attempted rape, malicious wounding and providing false identification to law enforcement following a vicious assault on a Charlottesville woman.

The survivor of the attack testified on Thursday and detailed the violence she said she suffered at the hands of Hodges.

The woman said that on Aug. 20, 2018, she first noticed Hodges on her bus ride toward the Downtown Mall while on her way to work as a home health attendant. He had stood out to her because he was wearing blue scrubs but was not wearing any type of medical identification, she said.

The survivor got off the bus around 6:30 p.m. and walked to her job, where she worked until 9:30 p.m.

After getting off work, she walked home on the sidewalk along Preston Avenue. She said she saw Hodges walking ahead of her, and crossed the street to avoid him and began walking home via Rose Hill Drive.

“I thought it was a little strange to see him again, but Charlottesville is a small city so I often see people I’ve seen before, sometimes on the same day,” she said.

Soon after crossing the street, she said she became aware of movement near her and turned to see Hodges sprinting toward her. He tackled her, she said, knocked her to the ground and grabbed her by the throat with his right hand.

“I asked why he was doing this and he said, ‘I’m going to rape you,’” she said. “I kept screaming for help and attempted to gouge his eyes, kick him off me and tear his shirt.”

After being punched repeatedly in the face, she said she feigned unconsciousness and Hodges picked her up and dragged her into an alleyway where he threw her head into an AC unit. Fearing she would soon be genuinely knocked unconscious, she said she again fought back and managed to get her phone out of her pocket, at which point Hodges fled.

She said she crossed the street and waited for police to arrive. The woman said she was then transported to the University of Virginia Medical Center, where she was treated for injuries to her face and other areas.

Not long after she was transported to the hospital, she said an officer asked her if she felt able to ride with him to identify a suspect they had apprehended. When she arrived at the scene of the arrest, she said she positively identified Hodges as her assailant, noting she was “110% sure” because of his ripped shirt.

Turning to her left in the courtroom, the survivor also identified Hodges as her assailant, which was noted in the court record. Hodges, dressed in a black and white jail jumpsuit, stared straight ahead for most of the hearing and never turned to look at the woman he is charged with attacking.

Joe Platania, commonwealth’s attorney for Charlottesville, asked the judge to certify three of the charges and drop the false identification charge. The judge granted the request and Hodges is expected to face a jury trial Feb. 27.

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