Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday that 87 grants totaling more than $3.47 million have been awarded to 53 localities throughout Virginia — including the counties of Buckingham, Fluvanna, Nelson and Madison — to boost security and safety at schools.

The funding will enable local law enforcement agencies to fund new school resource officer and school security officer positions at public schools, according to a news release.

More than $100,000 was awarded to localities in Central Virginia, including $14,762 for Buckingham County; $42,616 for Fluvanna County; $34,017 for Madison County; and $30,654 for Nelson County.

Funding for the grants came from the state-funded School Resource Officer/School Security Officer Incentive Grant Program. Earlier this year, Northam approved the General Assembly’s amendment to add an additional $3 million for this program in order to increase the number of schools in the commonwealth with SROs or SSOs.

As a recipient of the grant, officers are required to attend a 4.5-day training on their roles and responsibilities, legal issues in schools, adolescent brain development and trauma, mental health issues, students with disabilities and more.

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