Bob Fenwick

Bob Fenwick

A political advocacy group founded earlier this year by progressives and former elected Charlottesville officials has endorsed City Council incumbent Bob Fenwick in the three-person Democratic primary on June 13.

In a news release Tuesday, Equity and Progress in Charlottesville (EPiC) said it chose Fenwick because of his support of the group’s platform of promoting opportunity and quality of life; social and racial equity; and open accountable government.

“Bob has a proven track record of supporting these issues by promoting efforts to raise the minimum wage, supporting human rights initiatives, advocating for public housing residents, promoting environmental causes, opposing gentrification, championing open government, hiring re-entering offenders, and showing up at an amazing number of meetings and events throughout the city,” the release said.

Fenwick is vying for one of two open council seats in this year’s general election. Councilor Kristin Szakos is not seeking reelection following two terms in office.

Fenwick is facing Charlottesville School Board member Amy Laufer and Heather Hill, president of the North Downtown Resident Association.

EPiC also has endorsed attorney Jeff Fogel in the primary for Charlottesville commonwealth’s attorney. Fogel is running against Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Joe Platania.

There are no Republicans running for City Council or commonwealth’s attorney.

The general election will be Nov. 7.

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