LYNCHBURG — The Blue Ridge Tunnel Project is expected to be completed by this time next year.

Steve Carter, Nelson County administrator, said in an email on July 23 that the second phase of the Blue Ridge Tunnel Project is going well. The county received grant money for the second phase of the project. This money, totaling $242,507, is from the Recreational Trails Program grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. The grant was awarded this year after it was determined a previously required cash match from the county was not necessary.

“With the RTP funding, the County will be able to complete all of the restoration of the Tunnel, specifically the additional shotcrete installation and brick liner replacement that was identified during the current construction project,” Carter said in an email.

Phase three of the project is well on its way, too.

“Completion of Phase 3 will complete the overall project, work on which began in 2001-2002,” Carter said in an email.

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