Democratic candidates for Albemarle sheriff Chan Bryant (left) and Patrick Estes

Patrick Estes has outraised opponent Chan Bryant in the Democratic primary race for Albemarle County sheriff, but Bryant has more cash on hand.

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Estes received 47 contributions totaling $5,851.88 this period and has raised $34,282.45 total leading up to the primary. Bryant received 24 contributions totaling $5,119.40 in the filing period and has raised $19,914.40 total ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The reports cover April 1 through May 30.

Local developer Hunter Craig donated $2,500 to Bryant, and she spent about $2,700 on yard signs.

Estes received three $500 donations from donors with Richmond-area addresses, and spent $3,000 on videos and design.

Bryant has spent about $10,720 so far in the election, leaving her with about $9,190. Estes has spent a total of $28,378 and has a balance of about $5,900.

Louisa Police Chief Ronnie Roberts, who is running as an independent and will not be on the primary ballot, has raised $2,270 this election cycle and has not spent any money.

Board of Supervisors

In the Rivanna District race, which will have primary election Tuesday, as well, Democrat Bea LaPisto Kirtley has raised $5,692 this filing period, while Democrat Jerrod Smith has raised $5,003.

LaPisto Kirtley received 30 contributions this period and eight of them were for more than $100. Her largest contribution was $2,000 from Stephanie Hostetter Shobe.

Smith received 75 contributions this period, of which 10 were for more than $100. Kevin Schulyer contributed $1,000 to his campaign.

Smith has spent about $5,000 this filing period, with about $3,375 going to his campaign manager, Payton Palmerton.

LaPisto Kirtley has spent about $7,520 this filling period, including about $1,750 for television advertising production.

LaPisto Kirtley has spent a total of $13,185 so far in the election, leaving her with about $954, while Smith has spent $6,715 in total and has a balance of $3,343.

In the Scottsville District race, Republican Mike Hallahan raised $3,770 this filing period while Democrat Donna Price raised $9,000.

Price received 53 contributions this filing period, including one $5,000 donation from Sonjia Smith.

Hallahan received 28 contributions this filing period; three of them were for more than $100.

Hallahan spent $2,095 this period, including $1,330 on signs and cards. Price spent $4,680, including more than $2,000 on signs.

Price has spent $6,380 so far this election cycle, leaving her with $5,430, while Hallahan has spent $3,540 in total and has a balance of $2,731.

In the White Hall District race, incumbent Ann H. Mallek, a Democrat, raised $500 this filing period, while Republican Steve Harvey received $3,650.

Harvey received 15 contributions this filing period; seven were for more than $100.

Mallek received four contributions this period, including $200 from developer Charles Rotgin.

Mallek spent $300 on her website, while Harvey spent about $985, including $250 to the Albemarle County Republican Committee for his declaration fee.

Harvey has a balance of $2,665 while Mallek has $3,190 on hand.

Commonwealth’s attorney

Democrat Jim Hingeley received $6,465 this filing period, while incumbent Robert Tracci, a Republican, raised $5,150 in the same period.

Tracci received 11 contributions this period, with nine of them being for more than $100. He received $2,500 from William Nitchmann.

Hingeley received 34 contributions this period, and 15 of them were for more than $100. He received $1,000 from Charles Heiner.

Tracci spent $953 this filing period, including $800 for web design and support, while Hingeley spent $13,855, including $7,000 for consulting.

Tracci has spent $2,682 so far in the campaign and has a balance of $25,803, while Hingeley has spent $26,933 and has a balance of $104,038.

School Board

David Oberg, the incumbent for the White Hall District seat on the Albemarle County School Board, raised $376 this filing period, paid $15 for bank fees and received an in-kind contribution of $76 for a rental of a post office box. He has a balance of $319.

Ellen Osborne, who is running for the Scottsville District seat, raised $775 this filing period. She spent $246, including $91 on a mailbox.

Jonno Alcaro, the incumbent running for the at-large seat, has not raised any funds.

In the Rivanna District race, only Judy Le has raised any funds. She raised $685 and spent $46. Juliana Arsali and Nina Kaplan have filed paperwork to run for the Rivanna seat but have not raised any funds.

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