The meals tax rate in Scottsville will be increasing starting July 1.

On Monday, the Scottsville Town Council voted unanimously to increase the meals tax rate from 4% to 4.5%.

The increase in funds will be allocated to capital reserves in the town’s fiscal year 2020 budget.

The council had advertised an increase to 5% and had discussed options at a work session in May.

Town Administrator Matt Lawless said the town’s entire budget is $690,020 for FY20, including $35,351 toward capital projects.

On Monday, the council also voted unanimously in favor of a boundary adjustment of 1.18 acres for the Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department. The land is in Albemarle County, just outside the town limits.

The matter now goes to Albemarle’s Board of Supervisors for a vote.

“Our attorney and their attorney would go together to the Circuit Court judge to petition for the boundary adjustment,” Lawless said.

He said the last boundary adjustment in the town was in 1994.

The council also voted unanimously against a zoning text amendment related to downtown residential property. The request was to reduce lot size and setbacks for cluster development.

Lawless said councilors asked him to research it more thoroughly in order to ultimately make changes that are more consistent with the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

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