Jason Kessler invited seven white nationalists and white supremacists to be keynote speakers for his anniversary Unite the Right rally in Washington, D.C., but it’s not clear who will actually show up.

According to documents released by the National Park Service on Monday, Kessler told park officials in mid-June that Patrick Little, David Duke, Simon Roche, Kevin Cormier, Avialae Horton, Corey Mahler and Tom Kawczynski were confirmed speakers.

However, Little, a former California Senate candidate who has sent robocalls to Jewish residents in Idaho calling the Holocaust a lie, said Monday that he would not be attending. Kawczynski, a former town manager of Jackman, Maine, who has said that races should be kept separate, said he was not going to the rally and “was in no way connected to this event.”

Duke is a former imperial wizard in the Ku Klux Klan who was present at last year’s rally in Charlottesville. Roche is a South African survivalist who believes white farmers are being targeted for murder by black South Africans. Cormier is a member of the Proud Boys, who are self-described “western chauvinists” connected to many white nationalist groups. Horton is a right-wing college student who has said neo-Nazis were misrepresented during the first Unite the Right. Mahler is a nationalist who has been helping Kessler raise money for his legal fees.

Kessler has said he hoped his demonstration will take place in Lafayette Park from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday. In discussions with parks officials, he said he expected 200 to 300 participants.

He also stated that he did not expect any violence or arrests at the event.

Kessler initially planned for joint rallies in Washington and in Charlottesville, but last week he withdrew a legal request for his permit application for the Charlottesville event.

Kessler is awaiting the National Park Service’s decision on his permit application for the D.C. rally.

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