Meteor the yak

Laura Cooper

An escaped yak was spotted outside the Nelson County Farm Bureau.

LOVINGSTON — Meteor, the Buckingham County yak who escaped en route to the butcher Sept. 10 and is loose in Nelson County, has yet to be caught as of Tuesday morning, according to Nelson County Animal Control Office Kevin Wright.

Wright said he received calls about sightings as recent as Monday morning in the Lovingston area, within a five- to six-mile radius of where the yak originally made a run for it. Wright said he met with the owner, Robert Cissell, and a veterinarian Monday after lunch to try and safely get Meteor back.

However, after two failed attempts to safely take Meteor down with a tranquilizer, the yak still is roaming the mountains surrounding Lovingston.

“We got close, but we couldn’t get it. I think the coat is so thick so the tranquilizer isn’t getting into it. We chased that thing until almost 8 p.m,” Wright said.

Wright said on Tuesday morning that they are regrouping and trying to think of different avenues to safely secure the yak and keep the public safe. Wright said Meteor has stayed out of the road area and staying mostly in the mountains. It is not a public safety concern right now.

“As far as outright taking the animal out, that’s not an option. We are going to have to think outside the box on this one,” Wright said.

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