LYNCHBURG — Campsites in Nelson County now will be allowed to apply for extended-stay options, allowing guests to stay for longer than previously permitted.

Dylan Bishop, director of planning and zoning, told the Nelson County Board of Supervisors in November that her office had received a request to allow extended-stay camping, but didn’t have a way of allowing anyone to apply. After discussing the issue with the Planning Commission, it voted unanimously to recommend approval of the change in October.

Currently, transient lodgers are not allowed to stay at a campsite or destination for more than 30 days. The proposed change to the county ordinance would allow extended stay campgrounds as a special use in the A1 — agriculture zoned — districts only. Any new or existing campgrounds would be able to apply to designate a portion of their sites as extended stay, which would allow transient stays up to 180 days.

“The Planning Commission would review each application on a case-by-case basis,” Bishop said.

The board voted 4-1 to approve the amendment. to the county ordinance. Supervisor Ernie Reed voted against the motion.

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