Over the weekend, Charlottesville's Confederate statues were once again tagged with graffiti.

This time, an unknown person wrote "1619," referencing the arrival of enslaved Africans in America, on the statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas  "Stonewall" Jackson.

Photos of the sullied statues circulated online Sunday, and the city’s parks and recreation department cleaned it off Monday.

The Charlottesville Police Department responded to a report of vandalism early Sunday, according to spokesman Tyler Hawn. No suspects have been arrested as of Monday afternoon.

The Lee statue was tagged with a profane political message in July. In February, someone spray painted the word “fredom” on the base. Taggers have also adorned the statue with “Native Land” in July 2017 and “Black Lives Matter” in 2015.

The latest instance comes after the end of a three-day trial over City Council's 2017 vote to take down the statues. Judge Richard E. Moore ordered that they must stay in place.

"CPD strongly discourages citizens from trespassing and defacing the statues at the city parks," Hawn said in a statement. "While there are differing opinions on the monuments, the statues are on city-owned property, therefore, vandalizing them can result in criminal charges such as destruction of property."

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