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Independent candidate for Charlottesville City Council Bellamy Brown received the most in cash contributions in June, according to recently filed campaign finance reports.

Brown received $2,270 in cash contributions and gave himself a loan of $500.

The reports show a slowdown for many candidates around the June Democratic primary. The reports cover activity from May 31 to June 30.

Brown received a $1,000 contribution from Declan Murphy, and he spent $2,295.78, which includes $1,250 on videography/marketing. He has a balance of $1,320.22.

Democrat Lloyd Snook received $2,150 in contributions and loaned himself $3,580.22 in early June, which he paid back at the end of the month.

Snook spent $5,457.93, including $2,500 on marketing and about $975 on door hangers. He has a balance of $5,477.33.

Democrat Sena Magill raised $1,687.62, mostly from in-kind contributions, and she loaned herself $3,454.45.

She spent $7,604.67, including $5,447.24 on printing and mailers, and also repaid $454.45 in loans to herself. She has a balance of $3,336.80.

Democrat Michael Payne received $815 this reporting period, including $200 from himself. He received a refund of $1,780.24 from Facebook for an ad that ran beyond its intended end date.

Payne spent $10,790.68, including $4,125 on a television advertisement and $3,266.40 on mailers. He also loaned himself $400 and has a balance of $3,300.57.

Democrat Brian Pinkston, who lost in the June primary, received $1,375 in contributions over the reporting period.

Pinkston spent $4,617.20, including $1,200 on political consulting services. He repaid himself $1,800 for a loan and has a balance of $888.30.

Reports for Democrat Bob Fenwick, who lost in the primary, and independent candidates Paul Long and John Hall were not available by press time.

Four seats are up for grabs on the Charlottesville School Board, and five people are running.

Incumbents James Bryant and Sherry Kraft have not filed reports, and board Chair Jennifer McKeever received no contributions and has $65.86.

Candidate Lashundra Bryson Morsberger has received $203.35 since January, most of which she gave herself. She has spent $140.35.

Candidate Christopher Meyer also did not file any reports.

Charlottesville Clerk of Circuit Court Llezelle Dugger, a Democrat who is unopposed in her re-election bid, did not raise or spend any money this filing period and has a balance of $3,572.10.

Newcomers are out-raising incumbents in Albemarle County races.

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Democrat Jim Hingeley, a University of Virginia adjunct professor and former public defender running for commonwealth’s attorney, received $22,707.40 in contributions between May 31 and June 30.

Incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci, a Republican, raised $250 this filing period and spent $450 on web development.

Hingeley received 75 contributions this period, and 50 of them were more than $100. Renee Grisham and J. Lewis Combs, an attorney in Tennessee, each gave him $1,500, and he received three $1,000 donations.

Hingeley spent $15,086.73, including about $9,400 on payroll and taxes and $1,260 on digital communications.

Tracci now has a balance of $25,603.13, while Hingeley’s balance is $112,109.17.

Democrat Bea LaPisto Kirtley, who won the primary for the Rivanna District seat on the Board of Supervisors, raised no funds this filing period. She spent $1,063.61 on Facebook ads, TV spots and political campaign consulting, leaving her campaign with $66.47.

She is running unopposed on the ballot in November.

Jerrod Smith, who lost to LaPisto Kirtley in the primary, received $512 this filing period and spent $2,655.68 on stamps, signs, literature, postcards, shirts and other advertising items. His campaign has a balance of $1,199.99.

In the Scottsville District race, Republican Mike Hallahan raised $2,611.89 this filing period, while Democrat Donna Price raised $1,440.

Hallahan received 25 contributions this filing period, with five of them being for more than $100. He also loaned $50,001 to himself.

Price received 13 contributions this filing period; three of them were worth more than $100.

Price spent $1,538.50 total, including almost $1,260 on copies, sign posts, yard signs and postage, while Hallahan spent $720.18, including $212.18 on door hangers and $450 on his website.

Hallahan’s campaign has an ending balance of $54,278.40, while Price has $5,074.11.

In the White Hall District race, incumbent Democrat Ann H. Mallek received $599 this filing period, while Republican Steve Harvey received $2,290.18.

Harvey received 14 contributions this filing period and four of them were more than $100.

Mallek received five donations this filing period, and one was for more than $100.

Mallek spent $343.70 on information postcards and decorations and candy for a parade, while Harvey spent $2,619.91, including $1,841 on campaign signs.

Harvey has an ending balance of $2,335.43, while Mallek has a balance of $3,445.23.

In the race for Albemarle County sheriff, Democrat Chan Bryant received $450 this filing period, while independent Ronnie Roberts received $2,300.

Bryant received four contributions this period and one was for more than $100, while Roberts received five contributions, two of which were for more than $100.

Roberts spent $1,422.84 this period on yard signs and bank fees.

Bryant spent $1,408.57, including $640 on graphic design and about $695 on printing.

Bryant has a balance of $8,234.49, while Roberts has $3,147.16 on hand.

Patrick Estes, who lost to Bryant in the primary, received $500 this filing period and spent $6,404.01, most of which went for mailers. He has no balance.

David Oberg, the incumbent for the White Hall District seat on the Albemarle County School Board, raised nothing and paid $15 for bank fees during the latest filing period. He has a balance of $304.

Jonno Alcaro, the incumbent running for the at-large seat, has not raised any funds or spent any money, according to reports filed. Ann Oliver, who has filed to run against Alcaro, has not filed any reports online.

In the Rivanna District, Judy Le has out-raised and outspent candidates Juliana Arsali and Nina Kaplan. Le raised $700 this period, while Arsali raised $41 and Kaplan did not file any reports.

Le spent $433.95, including about $220 on a two-night hotel stay for Network NoVA Women’s Summit for Political Engagement.

Arsali did not spend any funds.

In the Scottsville District, Ellen Osborne, who is running unopposed, raised $150. She spent $393.95, including about $220 for two nights at a hotel for the same conference Le attended.

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