OK, so you think you have a ghost, and it is sort of freaking you out. Actual ghosts are far rarer than Hollywood would have us believe. Here is a list of explanations for your experiences that are NOT ghost activity, but could very easily be confused with ghost activity.


Physical Causes

1. Actual living things you do not see. I have had squirrels and birds in chimneys that make sort of creepy sounds.

2. Septic trouble. Knocking water pipes, or a funky smell could be problems with the actual septic system, even if you are on city water/sewer.

3. Layout problems with your space. Are you catching a draft or a strange reflection? Are you just not sleeping well? Do guests feel your house is confusing? Is your furniture placed correctly for psychological comfort?

4. Electromagnetic frequency issues. High EMFs from appliances, wall sockets, extension cords or fuse boxes can cause a feeling of being watched, or a creepy feeling on your skin. A simple EMF meter can diagnose this.


Predecessor Energy

5. Karmic residue. A person can experience déjà vu when they are in a situation that closely resembles a situation created in a past life that they are intending to resolve in this one.

6. Echoes through time. Occasionally there can be a thinning of the veil of time and you feel you are observing another place or another person’s actions somewhere else.


Elemental Energy

7. Visitation. From a guardian angel, a guide, an ancestor or from the elements (earth, air, water, fire, metal or nature).

8. Extra-terrestrials. Still not a ghost.


Other Stuff

9. Psychic projections. These come from living people.

10. Bilocation. Some spiritually evolved people can project their image.

11. Object projections. Some living people can make an object move, consciously or unconsciously.

12. Crisis apparitions. This can happen when a loved one thinks of their beloved during times of great energy and stress. They do not necessarily mean that the person who appears is dead.

13. Telepathic messages. These can come from the living or the dead, but it is a message, not a ghost.

14. Poltergeist activity. An outward expression of suppressed energy generated from a living person. It most often happens when there is a teen-aged girl in the house.

15. Psychological ghost phenomenon. When a person misses a loved one so much, they may believe they were visited.

16. Vortex energy. Places on land where energy moves and shifts. Some people are very aware of these energies and can feel “haunted” in the locus of vortex energy.


Residual Energy

17. Personality fragment. Sometimes there is just a whisper of a personality left over in a space.

18. Energy tape loops. Does your “ghost” come out of a wall or bedroom and go down the stairs, and then disappear? When a certain time of year comes around, do you experience the same phenomenon of shutters slamming, even though you don’t have them on your house, or the sound of footsteps in the upstairs hall when no one is up there? These are non-intelligent, non-interactive and non-threatening.

Someone (or a few someones) did this time and again with a great deal of emotion, and left an energetic groove on the record of time.

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