The body was found in Louisa and the suspect arrested in Poughkeepsie.

Investigators from two county sheriff’s offices joined with the U.S. Marshals Service to track down a 25-year-old Powhatan man charged with murdering his roommate.

Anthony Johnny Davenport was arrested June 27 in Poughkeepsie, New York at a relative’s house on charges of malicious wounding and robbery for a June 6 incident in Powhatan County. He is being held in New York pending a July 15 extradition hearing.

Louisa County Sheriff’s deputies have obtained an arrest warrant for Davenport, charging that he shot and killed 23-year-old Terell Bailey and left Bailey’s body along the pastoral and rural East Green Springs Road.

Bailey was discovered June 22 by a man who was checking the mail. Investigators believe Bailey may have been killed and his body dumped on June 17 or June 18.

The discovery set off a frantic five-day effort to identify Bailey and seek his killer.

“We couldn’t identify the body at the time so we reviewed missing persons reports from the region,” said Major Donald Lowe, of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office. “We discovered that Mr. Bailey had been reported missing in Powhatan County by his father on June 20. We had a good idea it would probably be Mr. Bailey when we found the report.”

Louisa County investigators joined forces with colleagues from the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office to look into Bailey’s death. They quickly focused on Davenport who was already wanted for beating another roommate with a baseball bat.

“Powhatan had a case pending with Davenport and the medical examiner was able to find forensic evidence that allowed us to build a case,” Lowe said. “We have a pretty good idea of what happened, but we are still trying to nail down exactly where it all took place. We have obtained arrest warrants for Davenport and he will be served when he returns to Virginia on the Powhatan charges.”

The investigators tracked Davenport to New York. The U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force helped locate Davenport at a relative’s home in Poughkeepsie, about 85 miles north of New York City.

Investigators said there was no indication that the relatives were aware that police were seeking Davenport.

Bailey had only a few months before moved to Powhatan, renting a room in a home with Davenport, officers said. His parents said their son communicated often by cell phone and text and they worried when he didn’t contact them for two days.

“I sent him a text and called him and but we never heard back. Anyone with kids knows they eat and sleep with their phones and when he didn’t respond, we knew something was wrong,” said Tracy Bailey, Terell Bailey’s father. “That’s when we filed the missing person report.”

Terell Bailey was “very forgiving” and friendly, said his mother, Tiffany Bailey. He was a Dallas Cowboys fan, a high school athlete who played football and a hard worker, she said.

“Terell was an outgoing person, very adventurous. He didn’t sit still. He was always doing something,” his mother said. “He enjoyed riding dirt bikes with his friends, riding motorcycles and laughing.”

She said it’s been difficult to grasp the reality of her son’s death.

“We’re kind of numb but we have moments, especially when leaving the funeral home,” she said. “It’s like something you watch on TV but you never think it can happen to you. I used to love to watch ‘Forensic Files’ and shows like that, but I just can’t bring myself to watch them now.”

Tiffany Bailey said the family is praying for justice.

“It’s a daily struggle,” she said. “We find strength in God and take it one day at a time.”

Investigators said they kept quiet on the discovery of Bailey’s body so they could quickly gather evidence, build a case and seek arrest warrants without making Davenport aware.

“He was already in New York,” Lowe said. “If he had known that we had found the body and had leads to him, he would have really disappeared.”

Investigators said they are continuing to track down evidence in the case, including determining Davenport’s movements in the county on June 17 or June 18.

They said Davenport’s 2003 silver-gray Ford Taurus, which is missing the driver’s side front fender, was found behind his residence, but officers hope someone may have seen the unique looking vehicle in the county.

“We’re hoping anyone that may have seen the car on those dates will call us and tell us the time and location,” Lowe said. “We’re hoping to track down their movements that day.”

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office may be reached at (540) 967-1234.

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