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David Cox

STANARDSVILLE — Greene County Supervisor David Cox and Stanardsville resident Richard Eppard made their first appearances in Greene’s Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Both men’s attorneys filed motions to modify their bonds to allow them to leave the state, which was received with no objection from the commonwealth.

According to Daily Progress news partner NBC 29, Cox’s lawyer told Judge Dale Durrer that her client often travels for work.

Cox, who represents the Monroe District, and Eppard are charged with one felony count each of theft after an investigation into possible illegal farming on county land for personal gain.

Tax maps note the property as 51-A25C near Dairy and Watson roads. The 200-acre property in the Ruckersville area is the proposed location for a 900 million-gallon reservoir as part of the Greene County Water Supply and Treatment Project.

Cox and Eppard are expected back in court on July 30.

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