Roger Dean Huffstetler, a Charlottesville entrepreneur, says he will attempt to unseat Rep. Denver Riggleman, R-5th, in 2020.

Huffstetler ran for the district’s Democratic nomination in 2018, losing out to Leslie Cockburn. He led the Democratic field in donations before the caucuses in April 2018, but he trailed in delegate support.

Riggleman defeated Cockburn and took office in January, representing a sprawling district that stretches from the North Carolina border to Rappahannock County in Northern Virginia.

On his campaign website, Huffstetler said his priority would be fostering economic opportunities for residents of the 5th District.

“Partisan-bickering and special-interest politics have no place in government,” he said in a statement Tuesday. “We all want the same thing: a chance to provide our children with a better life than our own. This campaign is about everyone, which is why I’ll fight for every family in the 5th District to have a place in a more prosperous, inclusive future.”

Huffstetler served in Afghanistan and Iraq as a Marine and later received an MBA from the Harvard School of Business in 2010. He is currently an adviser to the Tom Tom Founders Festival, according to his LinkedIn.

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