A car caught fire this morning in the Lee Street Garage near the University of Virginia Medical Center, sending smoke into the nearby hospital and forcing the closure of surrounding streets.

Firefighters found the car fully engulfed in flames around 9:30 a.m. Smoke from the fire filled the parking structure and made its way into pedestrian tunnels leading to the hospital.

It only took about 15 minutes to put out the fire, but the odor of smoke inside the hospital led to at least one additional fire alarm.

Although the fire was quickly extinguished, street closures and emergency vehicle traffic snarled traffic in the area for hours.

No injuries from the fire or the smoke have been reported.

Lee Street and the garage were closed for several hours as firefighters monitoring the air quality in the garage because of the smoke, investigated the fire's cause and removed the vehicle.

Hospital officials said smoke did not encroach into the hospital itself and there was no apparent structural damage to the garage.

UVa police directed traffic and made sure that persons bound for the emergency room were not turned away.

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