U-Hall bricks being sold online

Bricks from University Hall appear to be selling for high sums online ahead of the building’s impending destruction.

U-Hall, the former home of the University of Virginia Cavaliers, is scheduled for implosion May 25.

On Thursday, the school gave fans a chance to take home one of the thousands of bricks that have been removed from the “House that Ralph Built,” a reference to legendary men’s basketball player Ralph Sampson.

Though the event was intended to allow each person take home one brick, many fans were seen taking home as many as they could carry.

This weekend, some of those bricks appeared on the online auction site eBay, selling for as much as $70, according to the site’s sold items tab.

As of Sunday evening, several bricks were still listed on the site, ranging in price from $40 to $70 — shipping not included, of course.

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