"Seats at the Table"

Courtesy Sanjay Suchak

“Seats at the Table” was directed by local filmmaker Chris Farina.

A documentary featuring the work of University of Virginia professor Andrew Kaufman and his class Books Behind Bars will air throughout the state Thursday.

The film, “Seats at the Table,” premiered in 2018 at the Virginia Film Festival and follows the class in which UVa students go each week to a maximum-security juvenile correctional center in Virginia to study Russian literature with the incarcerated teens.

“The purpose of this film is to inspire educators and correctional policy-makers to increase the educational opportunities for our incarcerated individuals through connecting disparate groups of a community for the benefit of all,” the film's director, Chris Farina, said in a statement.

Kaufman has taught the class since 2010.

The film will air on Virginia Public Media at 9 p.m. Thursday.

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