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Volunteers move vehicles from Greene County's Vietnam War Foundation and Museum to Nelson County on June 4.


LYNCHBURG — A group of veterans and Nelson County residents is one step closer to seeing their months-long dream become a reality.

The Vietnam War and Foreign Conflicts Museum recently officially received its 501(c)(3) status and can start accepting donations for the future museum in Nelson. The group began forming when the Vietnam War Foundation and Museum in Greene County decided to close its doors due to the health of founder Craig LaMountain.

LaMountain wanted to see his museum and his years of work continue. Concerned Nelson veterans and residents came together to see that the museum had a future in the county, and to expand it to include other conflicts.

Along with the nonprofit status, volunteers in the group have started moving some of the memorabilia to Nelson County.

On June 4, Larry Saunders, a Vietnam War veteran who has helped to spearhead the new group, said volunteers began moving larger vehicles, including Vietnam War-era trucks and a Jeep, from Greene to Nelson. Saunders said that with the bigger vehicles, they can’t do much damage, but when they start moving the museum’s smaller items, they will hire professionals.

Saunders said they are storing the vehicles on his property, but wouldn’t disclose the potential location of the new museum until everything is finalized. Saunders said he hopes that happens in the coming weeks.

“We’re moving along,” Saunders said.

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