Apple Dumplings

Heather Miller/For The News Virginian

Volunteers with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints make apple dumplings on Oct. 4 that the church’s youth sold at Apple Days Craft Show in Waynesboro last Saturday.

Fall’s favorite fruit will be available as a treat this weekend.

Youth from Waynesboro will be selling homemade apple dumplings on Saturday starting at 8 a.m. at 1 Lumos Plaza behind the Waynesboro Fire Department.

“We’re gearing up for another fantastic weekend,” said Dirk Gold, one of the youth leaders.

Preparation of the dumplings takes place the day before the event, all made from raw ingredients of flour, sugar and cinnamon as well a collection of other secret ingredients.

“There’s nothing pre-made about them,” Gold said. “It’s an all-day affair and the baking of the dumplings goes well into the night over at the firehouse so they’re homemade and fresh. The secret sauce is what really sells the dumplings.”

The annual Apple Dumpling fundraiser is 37 years old, dating back to 1982.

The event was pioneered in 1982 as a fundraiser for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The apple dumpling sale has now become the annual fundraiser for the youth programs and the funds help pay for the kid’s summer camps as well as other high adventure activities.

The dumplings are a local favorite largely due to the secret sauce that tops the dumplings, officials said. Legend has it that the matriarch behind the secret sauce was buried with the recipe. But not without having it passed down to the next generation of trusted culinary specialists.

“There’s a very short list of folks who know the sauce recipe,” said Brian Teerlink, son of the late Nadine Teerlink. “Let’s just say it stays in the family.”

Officials warn that the apply dumplings might be in high demand.

“We never know what time we’re going to sell out,” Bishop Ammon Shepherd said. “We’re making 1,100 dumplings so you really don’t want to be that person trying to buy number 1,101. The sale is ‘while supplies last’ as they like to say.”

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