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Logoldia “Goldie” Payne, of Fishersville recently celebrated being a five-year cancer survivor.

Logoldia “Goldie” Payne, of Fishersville, along with more than 100 other people, recently celebrated being a five-year cancer survivor.

Payne discovered she had breast cancer in 2014. She began her journey at Augusta Health.

“I have regular sickness, but I had never had a broken bone, never been hospitalized other than the birth of my children,” Payne said. “It was kind of a whammy to find that out. Once I found out it threw me for a loop.”

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global is a cancer care network of hospitals and outpatient care centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Payne’s sister had a friend going through the center in Philadelphia. That inspired Payne to get a second opinion at the center in Chicago — she chose Chicago due to insurance.

“Initially when I went out there, it was for a second opinion, but we fell in love with the center and the love and the support they give there, so I continued my treatment there,” Payne said.

On June 7, Payne attended Celebrate Life in Chicago. Celebrate Life is an annual event for cancer survivors and caregivers. It celebrates cancer survivorship for five years. While some celebrants at the event are in remission, others may still be battling cancer.

At the event, there is a red carpet walk, a tree planting ceremony, support and love. Each celebrant was personally honored on stage, in front of and along with their fellow five-year survivors.

“The energy was just awesome,” Payne said. “The energy and the love. You really felt celebrated and you felt like good to be alive. It made you feel special and made you feel like it was a special milestone in your life to be five years a survivor.”

Payne has been cancer free since December of 2014; she had the cancer removed by surgery.

“Cancer is unpredictable and by the grace of God, I'm grateful to have reached my five-year survival milestone,” she said. “While cancer has its downsides, it has helped me to see the good in other people. The outpouring of love and support over the past five years has helped me reach this pinnacle in my life.”

Payne had a word of inspiration for those battling cancer.

“If anybody out there might be dealing with cancer, just remember to keep the faith and never give up hope,” she said.

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