Rodney Wallace Jr.

Rodney Wallace Jr.

A Waynesboro man concluded his run through area court systems Wednesday with eight guilty pleas resulting in two more years to spend in prison.

Rodney Wallace Jr., 24, went on a crime spree with another man in September, snatching purses in Augusta County and Waynesboro, using credit cards that weren’t his and then leading police along Interstate 64 in a high-speed chase that ended with him ramming a cruiser in Albemarle County, authorities said.

Wallace pleaded guilty in Augusta County Circuit Court to multiple counts of unauthorized use of a vehicle, credit card theft and grand larceny.

His total sentence in three jurisdictions is 15 years.

His accomplice, Devin Flora, 18, of Waynesboro, is serving a sentence of one year and six months in prison.

Authorities said the men stole purses from Sheetz gas station parking lots in Fishersville and Waynesboro. They also broke into homes, forged stolen checks and used stolen credit cards.

Authorities said Wallace faced a stiffer penalty for his violent actions in the purse snatchings, particularly in Waynesboro.

Both are currently being held at Middle River Regional Jail in Verona.

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