WAYNESBORO — The skies were cloudy and the field was muddy, but Waynesboro High School's graduating class didn’t let anything get them down on Saturday. Members of the Class of 2018 were all smiles as they received their diplomas.

Salutatorian Dylan Dellett-Wion spoke to his fellow gradates on the need to celebrate graduating, but to also revel in the journey it took them to get to this moment. He talked about the bad times as well as the good.

“Appreciate these hardships because look at where we are right now,” he said. “We are actually sitting at the graduation of the class of 2018. We made it. It's not a dream.”

Valedictorian Isaac Edwards also brought up memories from the past four years and gave advice for the future.  

“As we leave here today, make sure you remember all the sacrifices the faculty, coaches and your family made to get you to this pivotal moment,” he said. “Don't shy away from challenges. Embrace them because it's an opportunity to better yourself.”

Allen Jervey was the commencement speaker. Jervey taught at WHS and Kate Collins Middle School. He was also assistant principal at KCMS. Jervey now works with Love In the Name of Christ, also known as LOVE Inc., a ministry that works with churches, volunteers and organizations to help those in need.

“As you look ahead to your future, who are you living for?” Jervey challenged students.

Jervey said students probably won’t remember small details from high school, but they will remember the relationships. He told them to look around at the people who supported them — despite the rain and a royal wedding going on, he joked.

“You're going to remember the people that you had a relationship with; the friend, teacher and coach that impacted you with more than just knowledge,” Jervey said. “You will forever remember the teacher that challenged you to be more; that helped bring out the best version of you.”

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