In two separate incidents, two men were charged in Staunton with impersonating police Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

A Waynesboro man was charged after trying to pull someone over and an Augusta County man was charged after trying to enter an apartment.

Connor Riley Painter, 18, of Waynesboro, was arrested and charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, a class one misdemeanor.

According to Sergeant Katherine Shifflett, public information officer at the Staunton Police Department, officers were called to the Sheetz in Staunton — 1250 Richmond Ave. — just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Shifflett said officers believed that Connor Painter had impersonated law enforcement and attempted to pull over a car using his car with emergency lights.

Painter was arrested at Sheetz without incident. He was brought before the magistrate and released.

Shifflett said information, such as Painter’s car description and lights, could not be released at this point because it’s an ongoing investigation.

This comes after the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office reported four incidents of an alleged police impersonator. Reports said a person in a dark blue car would try to pull people over, but then speed by.

It’s not yet determined if the incidents are related.

“Whether it is related or not, that is under investigation,” Shifflett said.

On a separate incident, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man for impersonation of a cop on Tuesday.

Christopher Brian Breeden, 34, of Swoope, was charged with public intoxication and impersonation of a police officer.

Deputies went to Spring Crest Lane at 4:13 a.m. after reports of a suspicious person at Hill Crest Apartments in Staunton. There were reports of a man knocking and banging on apartment doors identifying himself as a police officer.

Witnesses said a man, later identified as Breeden, was intoxicated, smelled of alcohol and was causing a disturbance. According to a witness, Breeden identified himself as a police officer and tried to enter the man’s apartment, saying he wanted to make sure everything was in order in his home. The tenant denied Breeden access.

Deputies found Breeden in the apartment complex parking lot. He made incoherent statements and showed signs of being intoxicated, the release said.

He was arrested for public intoxication and impersonation of a police officer.

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