The search for a new director of the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center is progressing, said Waynesboro City Manager Michael Hamp.

The director’s position at the Lyndhurst animal shelter has been vacant since Elizabeth Robertson left in May.

Hamp said on Wednesday that 18 applications for the position have been received and four candidates interviewed for the job.

“I anticipate we will have someone by Aug. 1,” he said.

The shelter is jointly funded by Waynesboro, Staunton and Augusta County, with a board composed of the two city managers and county administrator charged with its oversight.

The total budget for the Mount Torrey Road shelter is $388,000, with each locality paying based on the amount of usage, Hamp said. Augusta County, where most animals at the shelter originate, pays most of the cost with the rest split between the two cities, according to Hamp.

The salary range for the director is between about $34,000 and $38,000, he said. The director will oversee a staff of three full-time and five to eight part-time workers.

Hamp has been leading the interviewing process for the director’s post because Waynesboro was chosen as the shelter board’s fiscal agent.

The facility, which began operating in September of 2011, is an open admissions animal shelter. That means it cannot turn animals away regardless of age, health or “adoptability.”

According to the shelter, it has successfully lowered euthanasia rates in the community, and has a current 95% "save rate."

The shelter, according to its 2018 report to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, said it took in 2,142 animals last year —1,119 cats and 997 dogs with the rest other companion animals, livestock or poultry. Of that amount, most were returned to their owners, adopted or transferred to another facility, while 111 cats and dogs were euthanized or died at the shelter.

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