Do you have unwanted items lying around the house?

If so, the Waynesboro Fire Department would like to take them off of your hands.

With the Waynesboro Fire Department’s annual auction exactly one month — Sept. 14 — the number of donated items is down this year and the fire department is asking for the community’s help.

“We’re four weeks out and we don’t even have half a trailer,” said Lt. Bob Donaldson. “We don’t have but maybe a quarter of the trailer full. Normally we have about three trailers full.”

The annual auction supports Waynesboro Fire Department’s volunteer firefighters.

“This is how they can get their gear and uniforms they need throughout the year,” Donaldson said. “And their training.”

The Waynesboro Fire Department has about 12-15 volunteer firefighters. Their uniform and turnout gear, what they would wear into a structure fire, is several thousand dollars per person.

“It’s benefiting the volunteers of Waynesboro,” Donaldson said of why the auction is important. “It helps the paid guys too.”

Waynesboro Fire Department has about 30 paid employees. Proceeds from the volunteer auction can help the paid staff too. Donaldson spoke about how volunteers used the money one year to build a workout room for both volunteers and paid firefighters to utilize. When proceeds are used from the auction, it does not become a city expense.

The Waynesboro Fire Department’s auction started back in the 1960s.

So far this year, they’ve collected new items such as a wood chipper, dog house, boat motor and more. They have a lot of items for sports fans including: signed Orioles baseballs, signed University of Virginia sports items, James Madison University football tickets and more.

They’ve received a 1996 Ford four door sedan and expect to get a 2004 Ford Expedition.

However, they’re still hoping to get the item count up. Donaldson said they have significantly less this year, compared to other years.

Waynesboro Fire Department’s members hoped the community could help and donate items. They accept most everything except no white good and no clothes. Items that can be donated would include furniture, dressers, tools, lawn mowers, shovels, bikes and other odds and ends.

Because Waynesboro Fire Department does not pick up anymore, items must be dropped off.

“It’s not feasible to do that anymore,” Donaldson said. “We have to have the manpower. The past few years we’ve had people bring stuff in. This year is being slow for some reason.”

The auction on Sept. 14 will be in the Arch Avenue parking lot, across from the Waynesboro Fire Department. It begins at 9 a.m. and goes until everything is auctioned off. Food and drinks will be available.

The Waynesboro Fire Department is at 300 West Broad Street.

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