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Another delay, cost increase for Mountain Valley Pipeline

The projected cost of building the Mountain Valley Pipeline has gone up by another half a billion dollars. Read more




In a first, FDA approves smokeless tobacco product sold by Richmond company as 'modified risk'

In a first for the agency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given approval for the Richmond-based tobacco company Swedish Match North America to sell one of its smokeless tobacco products as a "modified risk" product. Read more

Virginia taxpayers must file by Nov. 1 under extension

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The deadline is approaching for Virginia taxpayers who plan to file under the automatic six-month individual income ta… Read more



Trump likens House impeachment inquiry to 'a lynching'

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump triggered outrage Tuesday by comparing the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry to a lynching, assigni… Read more



In surprise turnaround, new analysis finds an Alzheimer's treatment may work

Trials of aducanumab, a promising therapy, had halted in March after they appeared to fail. Read more


Parents are now using tracking apps to watch their kids at college

As Gen Z grows up and goes to college, some parents are using technology to keep a close watch. Read more


A Colorado mother who touted her daughter's 'bucket list' is now accused in her death

The indictment alleges the mother caused Olivia Gant's 2017 death, not the multiple illnesses that the mother claimed the girl had and that prompted publicized ride-alongs with police and fire crews. Read more


Rates for the most common ACA health plans drop for a second year

After defecting from the marketplaces, more insurers are now selling coverage for 2020. Read more


Rampell: I could be a whistleblower. So could anyone with a TV.

I would like to file a whistleblower complaint. With whom, I don’t know exactly. But the information I have demands to be heard. Read more

Pitts: Blacks, too, judge each other by the color of their skin. How sick is that?

“If you’re white, you’re all right. If you’re brown, stick around. If you’re black, get back.” Read more

Letter: Neil Kester will restore integrity integrity to the office of Sheriff

What is a Sheriff? Read more



How the Nationals clubhouse became 'something special'

On a lazy late September weekend afternoon in Miami, it all came together for Johnny DiPuglia. Read more