I wanted to write about something other than abortion this morning, but when I logged onto Facebook to find that the same people who are loudly demanding the right for a woman to kill her unborn child are also mourning the death of a cat (RIP Grumpy Cat), I felt compelled to say something about abortion, once again.

I recently wrote a piece applauding pro-life Christians for adopting more babies, helping more low-income single mothers and showing more compassion to women who choose to abort, while acknowledging we need to strive to do even better. All of that is true, and I’d add that we need to do better acknowledging the incredibly difficult circumstances many women find themselves in once discovering a pregnancy — many feel they have no better option than to abort.

In today’s column, however, I do not address those considering abortion or those Christians against it, but I address those who say they might not get an abortion themselves, but defend a woman’s right to do so anyway.

When you defend abortion, you defend murder. You wouldn’t defend murder in any other case. If a person wanted to kill another person because he was Jewish or because she was gay or because he was a Democrat or because she was Hispanic, you wouldn’t defend that. You wouldn’t say it’s OK for someone to kill another human being because he cut you off in traffic or because she was rude to you at Wal-Mart or because he cracks dirty jokes at work or because she can’t seem to keep a boyfriend.

Most of you would say that it is wrong for your friend or neighbor to kill the person who steals from the elderly or verbally abuses a child or tells racist jokes at work or drinks and drives. Some of you are even against the government enacting the death penalty and would say it is wrong to put to death the man who shoots dead his girlfriend because he suspects she’s cheating on him or the woman who poisons her aging husband for the insurance money or the officer who strangles a man to death for being born to the “wrong” ethnic group or the woman who shakes to death her baby in a fit of rage.

You are against murder in nearly every other instance, but when you defend abortion, you are saying that murdering an unborn child, simply because his or her mother doesn’t want him or her, is an exception. You are saying that murdering an unborn child, simply because the circumstances by which he or she happened to be conceived (rape, incest, etc.) are deplorable, is somehow OK. You are saying that murdering an unborn child, simply because there’s a good chance that he or she might be born with the same physical or intellectual disabilities that millions of other humans made in God’s image have been born with, isn’t the same thing or isn’t as horrific.

That baby, the most innocent, dependent, defenseless little human being is fair game to murder because he or she isn’t wanted. Period. The reasons that baby is unwanted might vary (statistically, nearly all abortions occur because the pregnancy is perceived as an inconvenience), but that’s the bottom line. When you defend a woman’s right to choose, you are not defending her right to “do whatever she wants with her body”— what a ridiculous statement to make!

That baby growing inside her is not a tumor to cut out or an extra appendage to chop off or a disease to fight against — that baby is not “part of her body.” That baby is a precious human life miraculously, intricately formed in the mother’s womb by God in His own image.

No, this isn’t about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, as if the discussion concerns piercing her nose or getting a tattoo or having a tummy tuck. This is about a woman’s right to choose to murder another human being.

If she wanted to shoot the neighbor’s dog or drown the stray cat, you’d cry, “Murderer!” (and rightfully so). If she wanted to take the life of her unborn baby, however, in the name of a woman’s “right to choose,” you defend her. Sometimes you even applaud or praise her for such “bravery.”

When you defend abortion, you are standing against the wishes of our almighty God who sovereignly formed that human being in that mother’s womb. How is that possibly OK?

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Mark Wingfield, pastor of First Baptist Church in Grottoes, is a columnist for The News Virginian. His column is published Saturdays.

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