I stopped voting for a specific party years ago. When I walk up to the voting machine it’s like a 4-year-old drawing a road map.

Two candidates running for office have garnered my support. Lauren Griffin is running for Clerk of the Augusta County Circuit Court. Of the five candidates running, she has the most knowledge, skills and ability to do the job. As a paralegal, she knows the ins & outs of the clerk’s office. She is not a popular name, looking for a $6600 retirement check. She is seeking a career in being the keeper of the county records. She is by far, the most qualified candidate.

Jennifer Lewis is another young woman who will have my vote for Delegate. As the Democratic candidate, she has the energy and the ability to represent the people in a profound manner. Most importantly, she takes the time to stop and listen to your concerns and suggestions. She has a voice and will use that to represent each and every one of us.

The days of the good ole boys is done. It’s over. It’s time to let the next, younger generation step up to the plate. The current generation of politicians has worn out their welcome. Step outside of the party, color outside the lines and join me in voting for Lauren Griffin and Jennifer Lewis.

Becci L. Harmon


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