I would like to list some of the reasons I am supporting Dr. Scott Seaton for the position of Supervisor for the Wayne District: Dr. Seaton supports common sense spending as well as placing limits on taxation such as expiration clauses.

He also supports increased school safety, improving teacher retention and recruitment and working toward establishing educational priorities.

Dr. Seaton desires to promote business expansion in our community as well as reducing government regulations sensibly. He wants to make our county friendly to small business and recruit more businesses to the area. Scott supports adequate funding for our emergency response personnel. He supports the agricultural community by encouraging the success of family-owned farms while at the same time promoting clean air and water practices.

Dr. Seaton also supports improved access to mental health care.

Dr. Seaton’s desire to serve the citizens of the Wayne District and Augusta County will significantly improve our community. These are just a few of the reasons I’m voting for Dr. Seaton on Nov. 5.

Angie Pearson


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