Saturday's reprint of the Washington Post's “Gun Cowardice” editorial is further evidence of that editor's skill at double speak and mischaracterizing the truth because our Virginia GOP is heroically holding the line against the left's attack on our constitution.

First of all the Post has been so wrong about so much for so long this is no surprise except that are still beating the dead horse of disarmament because the second amendment is known as our "first freedom" that protects all the rest of them. The big government usurpers in the capital are relentless in trying to destroy the liberties of our republic so we must be just as adament in protecting them.

Voting to retain or hopefully increase the razor thin majority in the state house is crucial next month so I urge all citizens who cherish our freedom to turn out and keep this government on the "right" track.

God bless America and President Trump.

Bob Quinn


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