For the past three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Wendell Coleman on a professional level and have been involved with him in different settings and within various organizations.

I’m writing to relay my observations about his dedication to our community and convictions that, I’m convinced, consistently drive him to seek solutions for the betterment of our local area.

He understands our world is both complicated and challenging, more so now than ever before. The bedrock of his leadership is characterized in the way he takes great care to consider multiple and sometimes emotionally-charged viewpoints. Wendell understands the balance needed between maintaining our beautiful geography and landscape while sustaining what has become a world-class location for business and industry.

In my humble opinion, Wendell excels at listening intently to those around him as he constantly seeks to bring varying ideas and opinions into a reasonable dialogue. He consistently seeks ways to help everyone find common ground. While doing all this, he is passionate about workforce development, education and the general welfare of others.

Wendell has a long history of serving people with disabilities, supporting community organizations and as he puts it, “being about the business of creating positive tomorrows.” Wendell also commits himself to accountability and can regularly been seen “walking the walk, as well as talking the talk” that what gets measured get’s done.

There are many positive candidates to select from and decisions to be made this fall. I’ve been encouraged by those who have engaged in positive informational and solutions-oriented campaigns. Discussing solutions, strategies and options in a respectful and community minded spirit helps us all.

Rick Sizemore


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