In response to “Rev.” Russell Waldrop’s comments regarding my letter of on Aug. 14, 2019.

As you refer to yourself as “Rev.” I would assume you proclaim you are a man of the cloth, so to speak.

If that be the case, I have a problem understanding your allegiance to RISE, a group that had a follower outwardly state at last Monday’s City Council meeting that he was going to start a black panther chapter here in Waynesboro.

I do agree with you that our city issues are not a game, although I did not use the word game anywhere in that letter.

I simply stated that “it appears to me that in an indirect manner, Ms. Fitz is trying to play the race card here.”

The jist of my letter was to give praise where praise is due, namely regarding the tireless hours spent by said council on how to dispense monies from limited budgets.

Our city council deserves a lot more respect than was shown on Monday evening. The crass comments spewed by that whole group, a lot of them wearing RISE shirts, along with a couple of people who do not reside here in Waynesboro was totally uncalled for and had a racist tone in their speeches.

If anyone has expressed hurtful comments, it was that bunch of speakers Monday evening during the citizen comment section. However, they are entitled to their opinion as I also am.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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