I don’t normally do this, but I find it necessary to speak up for my daughter, Chanda McGuffin.

I am so tired of seeing letters to the editor by Tom McDonald speaking negatively about her and trying to say she only cares about black children. I want you to know Mr. McDonald my daughter has been taking care of and raising children of all races since her teenage years right here in Waynesboro. My daughter has a heart for young people and she loves them all the same. Unlike yourself, my daughter realizes that all children go to school together and that they all need to be loved. She’s bringing attention to the black children based on what these children need.

I’ve known Daryl Brooks all of his life. He has been a respectable young man. He’s talented, committed and respected by this community. His body of work in theatre and telling the stories of black people through song, dance and theatrical performances has yielded him many awards and accolades.

However, he is a native son of the Waynesboro community and theater community where he began. He is a product of Waynesboro school system. Why would we not want to honor him by naming the performing arts center after him. This will be a symbol of pride for all of us especially African American children.

Mr. McDonald you said no public building should be named after a person. Obviously, you have never heard of Thomas Gorsuch, Charles Yancey, Louis Spillman or the William Perry named buildings. Of course, we put people’s names on buildings. You stated Chanda only suggested Daryl’s name because he was black. Well how else do you think black people will be recognized if other black people don’t request the recognition? We sure were not going to wait on you to recognize anyone of color to name the performing arts center after.

Carolyn McGuffin


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