I am responding to the letters by Ms. Chanda McGuffin and Mr. Tom McDonald on July 12 and 17, 2019, respectfully.

As I read these letters, the first word that came to my mind was “native.” As a native of Waynesboro, a PhD and a Paralympian, I can proudly say that most “natives” of Waynesboro support others from Waynesboro.

Daryl Brooks is one of our “natives” from Waynesboro. The work he has directed has been extraordinary. I can say this very easily as my mother, who taught Daryl music, was Virginia State Teacher of the Year. As the daughter of the best music teacher in Waynesboro, I know the incredible work he has produced. For him to have the theater named after him would be worthy in that it would not only reflect his work, but the work of the people who had a positive influence in his life.

Chanda McGuffin, who is one of the leaders of RISE organization, has a right to acknowledge those who have done well and are continuing to do well so that the youth in our city can see who came before them (role models) and aspire to reach those same heights and beyond.

Like I stated earlier, we support our people of Waynesboro. We will always support those who have made positive impacts on others.

Dr. Andrea D. Woodson-Smith

Morrisville, North Carolina

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