Please count me in the number that appreciate a balance of perspectives as provided by NV columnists.

As important as balance, I appreciate credible columnists with a bias for rational perspectives, sited sources and civil language.

Supporters of our current president have a difficult challenge defending the indefensible, finding logic in the illogical and dealing with the president’s contorted ethics and morality.

Not easy, as I observe.

Those demanding that the president be respected, fail to recall that respect is “earned.” Indeed, I purposely fail to capitalize the “P” for our current pretender out of lack of respect. I don’t feel good about that because it also connotes the highest office of my country, for which I have the highest regard.

But not this time, not this way.

Frank Carey


Va. should change its tax policy

This letter concerns the shear greediness of the state of Virginia.

To the English majors and hardcore grammarians reading this, I wrote “shear” instead of its homophone, “sheer” by design.

About a week ago a newspaper article mentioned that Virginia would send a one-time tax abatement (not refund) of $110 per taxpayer. Being married, my wife and I got $220 in the mail on Oct. 1. Well, if the Commonwealth had simply aligned its state income tax policy to the federal government’s tax policy, our Virginia taxes would have been overpaid by $1,196.00.

Pray tell, what happened to the other 976 phantom tax dollars we “contributed” in 2018?

Matt Olcott

Fort Defiance

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