Here we go again with another racist column written by the leader of a group whose agenda is based on reverse discrimination.

Black citizens want and deserve equality in life, of which I agree with entirely.

However, this RISE group wants much more than equality, they want total control.

This is proven by the disrespectful, one-sided approach that Chanda McGuffin and her followers displayed at some previous Waynesboro City Council meetings.

During the citizen comment section of these meetings our city leaders must sit quietly while Ms. McGuffin and some of her followers berate and slander the council members and city management. This is not the way to get anything accomplished.

It appears to me that most citizens want to see Waynesboro as a city without any racist boundaries. However, McGuffin and her group, by using expressions like “our community' and “the black community” are purposely separating themselves from the rest of our great city.

This agenda has no place and in no way is helping in making Waynesboro one whole community.

There is no Irish, French, German, Asian, Italian, or any other described ethnic areas.

However, the only separated labeling is self inflicted by referring to themselves as the “black community."

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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